Why Summer Is A Popular Time For Refinishing Wood Floors

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Why Summer Is A Popular Time For Refinishing Wood Floors

Why Summer Is A Popular Time For Refinishing Wood Floors


First off, there is no “wrong” time to have your wood floor refinished. After all, it’s not like it schedules its wearing down to fit into your plans. What’s more, you shouldn’t be forced to endure a dull and dilapidated floor to fit into a short window in the year when you can have it installed. That being said however, there are certain aspects about summer that make it an ideal time to breathe new life into your flooring. These include:


  • The humidity factor Wood is hygroscopic. Its tissue structure absorbs and releases moisture depending on the gradient with its surrounding environment. During summer, it’s hot and humid, and the wood planks are generally at their largest. On the contrary, during winder they are at their smallest and gaps usually develop. The floor refinishing process involves fixing of issues like gaps, to ensure there is consistently and smoothness of the surface with the final result. However, filling the gaps during winter will cause the boards to swell and buckle when the summer and its humidity come back. When the floor is being refinished during summer, chances are that its expansion is on the upper side of the scale, and you won’t have to insist on gap filling that would have otherwise led to the damage of your investment. This means it’s during summer when those permanent gaps are easily noted and can be fixed. You also don’t want product wastage by filling gaps when it’s cold and dry, as the material used is often squeezed out during the sultry weather. However, with the heating and cooling of buildings in the respective months with HVAC units, and humidifiers having been installed to provide stable conditions in the indoor environment, the humidity aspect is minimised.


  • Making it coincide with your vacation This is especially for homeowners. Floor refinishing is a disruptive process. There are no two ways about it. Furniture has to be shifted, the floor is put out of commission for a couple of days depending on its state and the level of restoration that is required, there’s noise with aspects like sanding, waiting time as the finishes are allowed to dry on the surface, and those who use oil based products have to contend with odours as the vapours dissipate. Even when stains and sealants with low VOCs are used, there’s still a bit of odour that’s unavoidable. Through all this while, how will you be living? Sections of your house sealed off from use, controlling kids and having to keep them off the wet floors, all through to managing pets so that they don’t go trudging on the wet coats of polish and ruining the results. What’s more, with the pets there’s the added issue of cats, dogs and even birds going into fight-or-flight mode due to the noises from machines like sanders that will be used. Instead of going through all this, you can simply plan a vacation during the summer to coincide with the floor refinishing process. That way your family can be out of the house as the work is being carried out, enjoying themselves and giving you peace of mind. Head out to the nearby beach, book into a hotel, or even stay a family member’s house as the maintenance crew works on your floor. Explore the country side and visit scenic sites, and be welcomed by a jaw-dropping elegance when you walk back into your home from your trip.


Hire Professional Services For Your Summer Floor Refinishing Project


You want to ensure that a quality job is done, which is why it’s highly recommended that you call in a professional crew. After all, it’s your investment that’s on the line. Getting the hardwood floor installation cost loads of capital, and you don’t want to risk it getting damaged. Using specialised floor care services ensures that the right measures are put in place to protect your floor, and that the project is carried out in the required time. That way you can make your plans accurately, and not come from your summer vacation to a house in shambles. They will come with the machinery and skills needed to refinish the floor to the standards you desire. The floor restoration is an involving process, requiring the current finish to be removed by sanding down to the bare wood, then leveling the surface and applying fresh new coats in uniform layers. The sanders used need to have the capacity to grind through the multiple tough coats, and skill is needed to ensure that the floor doesn’t get oversanded, and there aren’t issues such as chatter marks and divots to worry about. There’s also the dust factor. All that sanding leads to coarse and fine particles getting chipped off the floor, and you don’t want to return from your summer vacation to find your HVAC units and plumbing systems clogged up in the dust, or your house in a mess. With expert floor refinishing services, all this is taken care of. Industrial grade machinery that is well maintained delivers the power needed for the job, and dustless systems are also used, that vacuum away the sanding dust generated during the process.


What’s more, you want to ensure that you leave a trusted team on your property. The purpose of your summer vacation is to enjoy yourself and make merry with your friends and family, not have nagging thoughts at the back of your mind about the state of affairs back in your home. You don’t want to lose sleep, or be prevented from taking in the beauty and pleasures of the countryside, having fun with your kids at the shoreline, or have your spa sessions disrupted by panic attacks and worrisome thoughts concerning the security of your belongings. Avoid this by hiring a licensed and insured company, which has a proven track record. With a company whose personnel have been taken through thorough background checks, and sticks to industry best practices, you will be able to rest assured that your property is safe.


Why Summer Is A Popular Time For Refinishing Wood Floors

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  1. […] There’s also the dust aspect to consider. It’s not just the top layer of the wood that is being sanded, and its particles winding up in the dust generated. The existing varnish that is being removed, also gets mixed in the sand. This includes numerous kinds of chemical compounds which are safe on the floor, but when inhaled are allergens, toxins and carcinogens. Hence, an efficient dust control mechanism is needed during the sanding, to pick up the particles the moment they are chipped up from the floor. Conventional machines available from rental stores barely have the capacity to vacuum up the dust, with their dust bags also not holding much of it in. This leaves you will a huge cleaning task to undertake, adding to the workload of the floor restoration process. All this can be avoided by using professional floor sanding services, with the crew coming with high powered vacuuming systems attached to the sanders, that deliver the required suction to ensure that it’s a safe and mess-free process. […]

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