Specialist Floor Sanding Services For You

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Specialist Floor Sanding Services For You

Specialist Floor Sanding Services For You


Wood comes with its unique set of advantages over other flooring options. For starters, it is warm, both literally and figuratively. As an insulator, it prevents heat loss from the building and your feet as you walk on it, and it also makes the ambience more warm and inviting. One of the factors behind its popularity is the variety of surface finish options, from water based lacquers that set a smooth and durable surface, to hand scraped wood for those that want a more rustic-type finishing. There are different wood species to choose from- including Red and White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Jatoba, Pine and even Mahogany. Stains that can be applied that will enhance the colour of the underlying structure or change it completely- it all depends on your particular needs. That way, you get to setup the installation that reflects your personality at home, or provides a professional image in your business premises. Wood also enables you to improve indoor air quality. Their organic and non-electromagnetic structure, plus the lack of fibres and features like grout lines, means that they do not harbour allergens or harmful pesticides tracked in from the outdoors. Those particles can be easily removed through quick cleaning processes. Keeping your wood floor elegant requires the surface to be occasionally refinished. The restoration process will require the existing, old and worn out surface treatments to be removed- which is accomplished through floor sanding processes.


Why You Should Turn To The Experts To Sand Your Floor


As the wood is sanded down the particles of the existing finish get mixed up in the sanding dust. This means that it’s not just particles of the bare wood that are covering the items in your home or business premises, or floating around in the airspace. There are toxins and carcinogens, in addition to the dust being an allergen by itself. This, in addition to dealing with a colossal cleaning chore, is not how you want things to go down. With our dustless floor sanding systems, you get to avoid the dangers and frustrations that come with both the coarse and fine particles. Powerful vacuuming systems, attached to the sanders through hoses, suck out the particles the moment that are grinded off from the floor. This ensures that the floor sanding is carried out in an efficient and healthy manner. The sanders themselves are powerful, capable of breaking down multiple layers of tough finish applied to the floor, grinding through to the bare wood. Opening up the pores allows the treatments that are applied afterwards to bond strongly to the surface. The smooth surface allows the coats of finish to follow to easily be spread out onto the floor, enhancing the quality of the results.


With our floor sanding services, customer experience is key. This ranges from the moment you get in touch with us and speak to our support crew, to the how the team sent to your establishment conducts itself while on your property. They will answer your queries about the process, even offering you floor restoration and care tips to enable you get the most out of your investment. In addition, our floor sanding services are affordable, allowing you to get the elegant results you desire without breaking the bank.


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