Rejuvenating Your Floor

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Rejuvenating Your Floor

Rejuvenating Your Floor


Wood floors bring a distinction and appeal that only nature can produce. You won’t find two hardwood floors being identical- there are always grain and hue variations, with unique patterns on the structure. There are numerous flooring installations to choose from, such as Hickory with its natural colour variation, Pine that fits well in country settings, the popular and strong grained Oak, plus the other members of the Beech family of trees that have tight and straight grain, the harder Maple that has lighter graining for a sleek and smooth look, all through to Brazilian Cherry that’s loved for its deep red colour, Walnut that has brown tones and remarkable hardness (in fact, Brazilian Walnut is nearly 3 times as hard as Red Oak), Douglas Fir that usually has vertical grain and comes with radian red and gold undertones, and even Bamboo that is technically grass but has the hardness of wood and comes with an exotic look. Distinctly patterned to simple straight grained- there are options for you. You get to have yours designed to accentuate the décor of your interior space. The quality of the indoor air is more easily managed, since the wood floor does not hold allergens like dust and dander. Those that wind up on it can be removed through routine vacuuming. The value of the wood floor is also seen in its durability. The strength of its structure allows it to be used in high traffic establishments, and can last for generations. However, there’s a catch. The floor needs to be well cared for. This includes regularly cleaning it to remove the dirt and grime that settle on it, to the floor sanding and refinishing processes to restore its beauty.


Why You Should Turn To Specialist Floor Sanding Services


You want to be sure that your property is in safe hands. After spending all that money on getting it installed, you don’t want the risks that come with the DIY floor sanding process. Then there’s the issue of the dust generated. As the finish coats and top layer of the wood are abraded, the mixture of particles in the dust contains everything from allergens to toxins. These put the health of the persons in the premises at risk. Add to this the intense cleaning that will be needed when the surfaces, appliances, window sills and upholstery are coated in dust. All this can be avoided by dialling up our floor sanding and restoration specialists. They come with high efficiency industrial-grade machinery that ensures a thorough job is carried out, removing those old and worn out coats and refurbishing your floor. With the pores opened up and the surfaces smoothened, the new finish layers that are added bond strongly with the structure, increasing its strength and durability attributes. Numerous surface treatment options are available, allowing you to achieve the colouration and gloss level you desire with the finish. The costs of the floor sanding and refinishing also vary, with the specific amount being guided by your unique situation. Aspects such as how large the area being worked on is, all through to the type of wood floor, plus the condition of its current state are considered, allowing you to get the results you desire without bloating up your budget.


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