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Professional Floor Sanding Services You Can Trust

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Professional Floor Sanding Services You Can Trust 



Wood is a green flooring installation. It’s a sustainable product that enables you to accentuate your living and working space, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. How is this so? In order to satisfy the global demand for the aesthetic wood floors, more trees are grown than are cut down. Hence, the harvesting and growth of trees has a net positive impact on the environment. Moreover, the wood itself is a carbon neutral product. It produces oxygen as it grows, and stores carbon through its service life on your floor. The eco-friendly nature of wood floors also extends to the reduced energy consumption of your building. An excellent insulator, the structure of wood means that you won’t be spending loads of funds to heat up your building. It also uses less water and cleaning products to maintain. When you want to have it replaced, it can be easily recycled. With the enhanced durability of the wood floors, they don’t need replacement as much as other flooring options. In fact, with proper care they can last for over a century. In addition to all this, property owners are especially fond of the wood floors due to their aesthetic appeal. It creates a warm and inviting environment, enhancing the ambience of the interior space. The décor that is set up depends on the wood species that you go for, in addition to aspects such as the primers and water based finishes that are applied. When it comes to the floor restoration process, the old finishes need to be removed for fresh new ones to be added. This is achieved using floor sanding systems.
Value Of Professional Floor Sanding Services
Our floor sanding and refinishing processes restore the elegance to your establishment without the messes that come with the dust. As the floor is sanded, the finish, plus the top layers of the wood get grinded down, with both coarse and fine particles getting generated. Without proper measures being put in place, these can end up coating the surfaces and furnishings on the premises, and those light ones will go airborne. This is not just plain wood- the dust contains particles from the chemical formulations that were used in the finish that is being removed. Those are safe while on the floor, but carcinogenic when inhaled. You don’t want your family members at home, or the staff and customers in your business premises, getting exposed to these agents. Our dustless floor sanding systems ensure that this is not a problem. Powerful vacuums are attached to the sanders, extracting the dust on the spot. Thus, you get to have a hygienic floor sanding process carried out, and also get to avoid the taxing cleaning that would have otherwise ensued. The high powered machinery that our team employs, coupled with their rigorous training and years of experience, ensures that the project is carried out with speed and efficiency. There is a wide range of floor treatments for you to apply, depending on the décor requirements of your establishment. Hence, whether you’re replacing old and worn out coats, or you want a complete makeover, you get to have your needs met to your expectations. What’s more, our floor sanding and restoration services come at budget-friendly prices, structured to enable you to get quality results without punching a hole through your wallet.
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