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Your floor can be finished in many ways and with many types of finishes. The most popular way of finishing a floor is by sanding and clear varnish. If you are unhappy with the colour of your floor you can go for a floor stain. Many people go for hard wax oils, coloured or clear. We can polish your floors with professional wood floor polishes or we can paint your floors. It is up to you what type of finish goes on your floors.


Varnish – one of the most widely used types of wood floor finishes in Ireland. Our company uses only water based floor varnishes from Tover and Bona. Two of the best floor varnish manufacturers in the world. Our varnishes have a very fast drying time and jobs under 40 square meter can be completed in 1 working day. We can varnish your floors in an invisible varnish, a matte varnish, a satin varnish or a gloss varnish.



Tover Idrolack DR97 – two component floor varnish that was built to last and withstand a lot of traffic. This superb floor varnish comes in two finishes, matte and satin. Two component means that the varnish comes in two bottles, the varnish itself plus a hardener. It will dry in less than two hours and it will last for years. This high quality water based floor varnish was designed for high traffic areas so it is perfect for busy households or commercial floors.




Tover Sport Floor Finish – two component water based floor varnish designed for sport rooms, gyms, dancing rings, pubs, restaurants, etc. Besides its superb durability this high traffic floor varnish contains anti slip components. It will finish your floor in a beautiful natural looking semi gloss finish.




Bona Mega – one of the most widely used water based floor varnishes in Ireland. Available in matte, satin and glossy finishes. Recommended for floors with medium to high traffic. Suitable for commercial and domestic floors. This is a one component floor varnish but its durability, even under constant traffic, is outstanding.




Bona Traffic HD – one of the strongest water based floor varnishes ever invented. Superb durability and superb finished look. Suitable for floors with huge traffic or a lot of use. This is a two component floor varnish that is highly recommended for use on airport floors, pubs, schools, restaurants, etc. It can be applied even by people with no experience in the floor refinishing industry.



Hard Wax Oils – If you prefer an oil instead of a floor varnish, you will be spoiled for choice. We use two clear hard wax oils from Bona & Tover or we can use coloured oils from Tover. Over 25 colours available so there is a floor oil to suit most, if not all, tastes. Remember, the hard wax oils dry much slower than varnishes. It will require 24 hours to fully dry after application. Floors that were oiled will require regular maintenance and the use of oil refreshers if there is a lot of use on the floor.


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Floor Polishes – many people are looking for floor polishes. We can polish your floor in matte or gloss finish with Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish or Bona Wood Floor Polish. Both are similar quality products and both are very durable. We can polish floors that were already finished with a varnish or we can polish new floors.




Floor Painting – more and more people are looking for acrylic floor paints. There is a huge range of colours out there and the quality of acrylic floor paints has improved dramatically over the past few years. Painted floors are very easy to maintain and look very nice.




Floor Staining – if you are unhappy with the look of your floors and if you want to go for a different look you can go for a floor stain. We can stain floors in whatever colour you want and then we can seal the floor with a varnish. The stain will take time to dry so you should expect at least 12 hours delay in the job if you opt for a stain. The drying time can vary from floor to floor and house to house.


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All our floor finishes are high traffic and very durable. Dublin Floor Sanding can do samples of finishes to help you make up your mind.