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Hire The Expert Floor Sanding Team 

Wood floors bring style and an alluring charm to any establishment whether old or new. Their elegance is renowned, making them a top option for residential and commercial establishments around the world. Even for a single installation in a particular room, the boards are not exactly identical, with each of them adding its colour and shade variance to the natural look and feel that results. The wide spectrum of installation options, plus the floor treatment products such as primers, wood stains, and water based varnishes, means that you can always find the installation that meets your taste and suits your budget. The wood brings more on board in addition to the aesthetic appeal. It’s low maintenance. Getting spills and dirt off the surface of the floor is incredibly easy, especially compared to the hustle if the same case was to happen to a carpet. Even hygienically, they are a better option, since the wood does not harbour, allergens such as spores, pollen and dust, or even parasites like fleas. The greater durability of the wood compared to other flooring options such as linoleum, carpets and laminate enables it to last longer, with far less cases of requiring replacements. Moreover, the wood has a timeless appeal that makes it remain stylish through the seasons and years. When the floor begins to look tired and worse for wear, a quick restoration project will get things back on track. For this to be effective, the old coats of finish need to be first removed through floor sanding.
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You want quality results, and we have the equipment and highly trained crew to make that happen. We have made heavy investments in modernised floor sanding machinery, that delivers the power and efficiency needed to ensure that the job is carried out to the expected standards. The old layers of polish and surface treatments are done away with. Sanding dust generated during the process is vacuumed off in the course of the operations with high powered vacuuming systems to ensure that the indoor air quality is protected together with the rest of the surfaces in your establishment. This means that you won’t have to schedule an intense cleaning session in between the sanding and finishing. As such, the dustless systems slash down the time needed for the entire floor restoration project. With the wide assortment of wood finishes available, plus their diverse colourations and gloss levels, you get to have the décor you desire- whether it’s restoring its previous lost glory, or you want a complete change to spice things up. Our floor sanding and refinishing team stick to strict timelines, coming to your establishment at the required time and carrying out the task expeditiously. What’s more, they are a friendly and courteous lot, addressing the queries you may have about the process and even giving you tips on measures you can take in your establishment to care for floor. Hence, the wear resistance and durability of the floor is increased, and the enhanced aesthetic appeal enables you to enjoy your investment.
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