Hire Professional Floor Sanding Services

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Hire Professional Floor Sanding Services
Hire Professional Floor Sanding Services

Wood floors are in high demand for a wide array of reasons. First off is the sheer beauty and elegance. Wood brings a characteristic charm to the ambience, enhancing the décor and making the space appear bigger. It adds value to the property. In fact, buyers and tenants are willing to pay more for establishments with wood floors. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your installation going out of style. The elegance of the wood floor is not limited to changing fashion trends, and ensures that your installation remains appealing through the seasons. Since wood floors do not trap animal dander, dust, pollen and other particles, they tend to increase the air quality of the indoor space. Lack of grout lines and embossing that attract dirt, or fibres that trap the particles, means that the cleaning processes is also easier. Even acoustics get a boost. Dance studios, music halls, and similar businesses invest in hardwood flooring for its ability to reduce sound reverberations, enabling them to avoid noise and echo issues. You don’t have to be running such an enterprise for you to take advantage of this feature. In your home, the structure of the wood will help muffle those sounds from footsteps, and also give you an enhanced experience with that home theatre that you had set up. Though they are durable, wood floors need proper maintenance to retain their strength. This includes refinishing them when old coats on the surface get worn out. Floor sanding is an integral part of the restoration process.


Why You Should Get Your Floor Sanded By Experts

Our floor sanding team employs highly sophisticated machinery to remove the existing finish, exposing the underlying, bare wood, and preparing the surface for the coats of finish that are to be applied. Whether the floor is dull, discoloured, has moderate or severe scratches, it’s worn out in high traffic areas, or you simply want to change the wood stain colour or sheen level of the surface, our floor sanding and restoration team has got you covered. A dustless system is used, that way your air space doesn’t get filled with carcinogenic and toxic particles in the sanding dust that is generated. The system uses high suction vacuums that extracts the dust, which has the added benefit of making it a clean process. As such, your furniture and upholstery, plus the draperies, artwork, appliances and other items in the interior space won’t end up getting covered in the material. Upon request, oil or water based finishes can be applied to the floor with the colouration and sheen level you desire, along with other surface treatment options such as wood stains and priming coats. Our crew have been rigorously trained and have years of experience in the industry, working on floors in residential and commercial establishments alike. They are punctual, arriving with the truck mounted systems at your premises on time. They will be glad to answer any queries that you may have about the operations, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with each of the steps that will be taken. The floor sanding crew treat your property as their own, handling it with care and respect. They are also courteous, to ensure that you enjoy the full package of the service delivery.

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