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Floor sanding, hard parquet sanding services in Dublin

Giving Your Floor A Fresh Start


Parquet Floor Restored

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Giving Your Floor A Fresh Start 

With wood floors, you get to have an ambience that appeals to your individual taste. Whether you want a rustic charm, old-world décor, modern designs, or dramatic hues that grab a person’s attention the moment the walk into the room, there is a wide range of floor finishes to meet your needs. Even the wood species that you can have installed are numerous- from Birch, Tigerwood, Walnut, Pine, Hickory, Red and White Oak, Timborana and Brazilian Teak, all through to Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Maple, and Bamboo flooring. This ensures that the end result brings out your personality, and gives your business premises the professional image that you desire. The value of wood goes beyond beauty and visual appeal. It’s a durable material that, if properly cared for, can last for generations. Cleaning the surface is also easy, since there are no fibres or grout lines holding in the dirt, and the surface is not electromagnetic, meaning that it wouldn’t be attracting dust and similar particles. Nevertheless, there are those that will settle on it under the influence of gravity, but these can be quickly vacuumed or mopped off the floor. Even the real estate value of the property is increased. Homes, office space and other establishments with hardwood floors are easier to sell and attract more tenants. Everyone wants that elegant interior space, with the healthier conditions and ease of maintenance. This enables you to get higher profits from the sale or lease of the property. As such, getting the installation is a worthwhile investment. When the wood begins to look dull and tired, getting the surface restored will enable you to bring back its appeal. Simply have the floor sanding carried out, then refinish it with your preferred treatment options.

Problems With DIY Floor Sanding
DIY floor sanding is not a walk in the park. There are plenty of risks involved, and the situation can easily go off the rails. Take for instance using faulty machinery. You can end up creating pock marks and grooves on the surface. Even the kind of equipment itself used comes into focus. For instance, stand-up orbital sanders are ideally meant for smoothing out the surface after the initial floor sanding. They are not meant for removing oil, lacquer dents and deep scratches. In fact, the scratches that are meant to be smoothened out are for 100 or 120 grit and higher. Hence the surface needs to be really smooth for that to work. How you use the floor sanding machines also factors in. It’s heavily designed to apply pressure on the surface to increase the efficiency of the process. However, if you stay on one section of the floor for too long, then the sander will eat deeper into the wood. This means that you will be left with an uneven surface where spills can easily collect. To fix it, you will be required to sand the adjacent areas further, increasing your workload. On the other hand, in case you make passes that are too quick, or you use a fine grit sandpaper from the onset, then the existing finish will not be adequately removed. This means that the new finish coats that you apply won’t be able to reach the bare wood and form strong bonds. Moreover, they can react, forming unsightly colours. This is in addition to all the time and energy that will be spent on the task. Avoid the hustle by getting in touch with our professional floor sanding crew. They come with the skills and equipment needed to achieve quality results in minimal time.