Get Your Floor Sanded The Professional Way

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Get Your Floor Sanded The Professional Way

Get Your Floor Sanded The Professional Way


Wood flooring comes with its unique package of goodies. For starters, high strength and durability allows it to last for decades. Even when the surface gets worn out, you don’t have to replace the boards. Simply schedule a floor sanding session, then have it refinished. The wood is also easy to clean. With just a light vacuum and the occasional damp mopping, you will be able to get rid of the dirt and grime that form on it. You don’t have to worry about fibers latching onto the soiling. This additionally makes it a healthy option. Allergens like dust and dander from your cat or dog are not attracted to, or hidden by, the surface. Those that eventually end up on it due to gravity can be easily removed. The wood structure does not trap odours, further enhancing the quality of the indoor air. When it comes to heat insulation, the tissues of the wood have lots of air spaces that enhance this feature. This means that heating up your home or business premises won’t consume as much energy, thus lowering your monthly bills. However, the demand for wood floors is mainly due to the aesthetic appeal they bring to the interior space. The elegance of the different wood species, plus the wide variety of lacquers and other finishing products, enables you to set up the surface that meets the particular needs of your décor. What’s more, unlike other flooring options, wood does not go out of style. Even establishments that had hardwood floors installed in the last century are still trendy today.


What You Get From Our Expert Floor Sanding Services


Nobody wants their house or business premises getting covered in toxic dust. Not only are the cleaning processes needed thereafter lengthy and tedious, but it can also lead to real damage to electronics, and systems such as the heating and air conditioning units. Moreover, the floor sanding dust causes allergic reactions, and the particles are even carcinogenic- what with all the chemical formulations that were in the surface treatments which are removed. To avoid this, our floor sanding crew come on site with dustless systems. Hoses are attached to the sanders, with truck mounted vacuuming units providing superior suction power to get rid of the particles that are generated during process. This system is more thorough and efficient compared to using the dust collection bags that come with units that are hired from stores. The floor sanding machinery itself is industry-grade, breaking through those layers of existing finish with speed and ease. It exposes the bare wood, with the final passes leaving it smooth and ready to bond with the new surface treatments that are to be applied. All this is done in a timely manner, enabling the floor restoration process to go on schedule. What’s more, our crew arrive on site in the stipulated time, and serve you professionally and courteously in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the full spectrum of services. Having been attending to residential and commercial clients for years, they have the skills and experience necessary to handle your unique floor care needs. The floor sanding services come at affordable costs, with the pricing structure taking into consideration factors such as the size and state of the area that is to be worked on.


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