Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

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Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor


Hardwood floors have a strong and durable structure. They can last for decades, but they need to be properly maintained for that to happen. Young active children, pets with sharp claws, and heavy furniture all pose a threats to the beauty and life of your wood floor installation.


Bookshelves, sofas and tables that are moved without using furniture glides can quickly scratch the surface. The same case applies of those young kids playing around with their toys, like the trains and speed cars. Even though the toys are light, that constant pushing during the drag races can leave behind unsightly marks. Then there are those cases when the little ones are painting, or pick up a marker pen and decide to doodle on the floor. The end results is spots that sour the surface, and necessitate deep cleaning to be carried out. Then there’s the occasional food and drink spills, whether it’s the breakfast table at home, or the employee lounge in your business premises. When the spills are not cleaned up as soon as they happen, they can seep into the structure. The stains ruin the blend of colours, making the floor to appear chaotic. Dirt under people shoes is abrasive, together with the rest of the dust and debris that’s on the surface, which is grinded against the floor as people walk on it. This creates numerous small scratches, ruining the finish. When it comes to the shoes, there are also those with meal parts, and also spiked footwear, that damage the surface especially in high traffic establishments. Even heels put a strain on the finish, with the pressure applied to a small section of the surface getting greatly multiplied. Your pet on the other hand uses the claws to increase grip when running around the household, which cause similar results. Over time, the existing finish needs to be replaced. Floor sanding will enable you get rid of the old coats, and ensure that the surface is ready to receive a fresh new finish.


Risks Of DIY Floor Sanding


Sanders can be intimidating equipment, especially due to their size, weight, and the complexities involved in running them. A powerful tool is needed to break down those tough layers of finish on the surface, and sand through to the bare wood. It’s not a surprise that there are numerous mistakes made during DIY floor sanding projects. Take for instance running the sander too long on one place. One ends up forming a dip on the surface. It may not be visible to the eye, but you will definitely feel it underfoot, and it will form a collection point for spills that occur in future, leading to increased risks of water damage. The sanders available for rent can vacuum up part of the dust, but there will be those particles that will end up anywhere and everywhere- from the furniture and cabinets, to the window sills and in the very air you breathe. This is simply because more power is needed to properly vacuum even those tiny particles that are generated during the floor sanding- the kind of power that is provided by industrial grade systems. Since the sanding is the initial part of the floor restoration process, any delays here just extend the amount of time the rooms will be out of commission, and mistakes will affect the quality of the results that you obtain when you apply the new finish coats. For instance, in case you lave bits of the previous treatments on the surface- perhaps because the sander was passed over to quickly, or only fine grit sandpaper was used, they will prevent the new treatments from bonding well with the wood- thus affecting both the look and the strength of the finish coat. Avoid this by turning to the floor sanding specialists.


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