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Floor sanding, hard parquet sanding services in Dublin


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What Is Domestic Floor Sanding?

Domestic Floor Sanding Experts For You

Hardwood floors are a gem for homeowners. They come with a wide array of benefits that turn the house into a comfortable home. First, of course, is the intrinsic beauty and appeal. With wood floors, it’s about bringing nature indoors. That look and feel that you get from the installation cannot be replicated by other flooring types. It’s a natural flair that makes the interior space warm and inviting. From the wood species themselves, to the sealants, wood stains, lacquers and other surface treatment products, there are numerous options to address the diverse décor needs. That way you get to have an establishment that reflects your personality, and one that you can be proud of. However, it’s not just about the elegance. Wood also has functionality attributes that assist with everyday life. For starters, it is not electromagnetic. As such, dust, dander, pollen and similar particles don’t get attracted or trapped by the surface. This is welcome news to homes where there are family members sensitive to allergies, since the installation boosts efforts of maintaining the indoor air quality. Since there will be particles that will eventually end up on it due to gravity, they can be easily cleaned off. You won’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing the floors, dealing with grout lines or even shampooing as is with other flooring types. With wood floors, all that’s needed is regular vacuuming or sweeping, and the occasional damp mopping. The tissue structure of the wood also makes it a great insulator. In fact, just one inch of wood provides as much insulation as over a dozen inches of concrete. Since heat loss from the building is reduced, you get to save on your monthly energy bills spent on running systems to warm up the residence. The structure also absorbs sounds, which is beneficial when it comes to reducing noise levels in the house. Whether you want some peace and quiet while your kids are running around playing in the upstairs bedroom, you want to prevent conflicts between neighbours on different floors of apartment buildings, or you simply want to enjoy the experience with your home theatre system, the wood reduces sound reverberation, allowing you to have conducive living conditions. Then there’s the aspect of it being a green product. By installing wood flooring, you’re actually reducing your carbon footprint. This may not appear to be the case at face value, since trees have to be cut down for the flooring to become available. However, as trees are felled, more are planted. In fact, there is increased acreage being put under sustainable forests to meet the growing demand for wood flooring, which has had a net positive impact on the environment. Then there’s the durability. Wood floors can last for decades. In fact, there are establishments that have had them for over a century. All through that while, they haven’t lost their style. All that is required is regular maintenance. Part of that entails domestic floor sanding and restoration to keep the wood in top shape, retaining its beauty and protecting its structure.
Why You Should Call In the Domestic Floor Sanding And Refinishing Professionals
1. Dustless systems
As the floor gets sanded, coarse and fine particles are generated. Efficient suction is needed to prevent them from covering the items in your home- from your electronics, closets, countertops, furniture, all through to the lighting fixtures and upholstery. The vacuums and dust bags that come with the sanders for DIY projects, barely have the capacity to take care of it all. What this means is that you end up having to do an intensive cleaning smack in the middle of the floor restoration project. This draws out the process, not to mention increases your workload. With our domestic floor sanding systems, that won’t be a concern. Our professional team comes with dustless systems for the task. Here, high-powered vacuum systems attached to the sanders pick up both the fine and coarse sanding dust particles immediately they are formed and direct them off the property through hoses into collection units. This prevents them from escaping into the interior space and onto your items, which enhances the speed of the operations since the need for the in-depth clean will be avoided. Dustless domestic floor sanding is about more than just keeping your valuables safe. You don’t want your family members getting exposed to the invasive dust. It’s an allergen, leading to reactions in the respiratory system, and also inflaming skin conditions for those with sensitive skin. Coughing, watery eyes and sneezing, worsened eczema, are not your only concern. The sanding dust is mixed with particles from the chemical products that are used to formulate the surface treatments used on the floor. From the sealants, flame-retardants to the volatile organic compounds, these chemicals will open Pandora’s Box of health issues once inhaled. You want to restore the elegance to your floor, not wind up with mounting medical bills. Moreover, you don’t want your family members dealing with discomfort and body pains. This is avoided by ensuring that the dust problem is taken care of in the first place, which is why our team employs dustless systems for your domestic floor sanding needs.
2. High-powered tools
We have made heavy investments in high quality domestic floor sanding machinery, to ensure that professional results are delivered fast. The sanders used come packing a punch, with the power needed to grind through multiple layers of surface treatment products and reach the underlying wood. The machinery used by our crew is different from the equipment that is rented from stores. This is because, in order to increase portability and user experience, the rented sanders have reduced component parts, which cuts into their capacity to deliver. This is a huge reason behind the increased time taken during DIY and rookie floor sanding projects. On the contrary, the highly effective sanders operated by our crew make light of the sanding process, meaning that huge floor areas can be covered in a fraction of the time. The surface is prepared to receive the fresh new coats, by opening up its pores and smoothening it out. The products that are applied get to form a strong bond with the wood structure, thus enhancing their efficacy. The uniform surface enables an even coat application, which is crucial in determining the beauty of the end result. Those scratches that have formed on the surface are removed, and gaps filled. Speaking of which, the gap filler product that is used, when mixed with some of the sanding dust that has been collected, forms a paste which when added to the gaps blends in, having taken up the colouration attributes of the specific floorboards. Whether you’re replacing old and worn out coats, or you had recently carried out a refinishing project and ended up with unsatisfactory results, our domestic floor sanding and restoration team has got you covered.
3. Accentuate Your Interior
You want your home to be elegant. You spend lots of time in it, raise your kids, host guests and nurture yourself. You should be able to have an inviting look and feel welcoming you into the premises the moment you walk through the front door. You should be able to carry out your activities without being distracted by dilapidated flooring, or lose sleep because of the poor state of the décor that is caused by dull and forlorn floors. You don’t want to have to keep explaining yourself to your guests each time they pop by for a visit, giving awkward stories of how the floor ended up in its current state. Since the floor goes everywhere on the building, its condition reflects on the rest of the items, from the furnishings to the walls, and artwork. Those elegant electronics that you had purchased, plus the expensive upholstery intended to spruce up the interior space, will not have the desired impact when the flooring is dragging down the décor. It’s not just for the home owners. Realtors looking for tenants to take up residence, or in the process of preparing an open house to attract buyers to seal deals on the property will have an uphill task getting parties interested in the premises if they are already put off by a poorly maintained floor. It gives them a negative perception. After all, what does that say about the rest of the establishment? With quality domestic floor sanding and restoration services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. The wear effects are reversed, and your installation given a new lease of life, that enables you to be proud of your home, host your guests with confidence, and make lucrative deals for those in the real estate market.
4. Enhance the life of your floor
Dirt and foot traffic are threats to your floor. The soiling tracked in from the outside as people walk into your home, plus the dust particles gradually settling onto the surface from the air above, accumulate and increase the risk to the surface finish. Underfoot, they are abrasive. When people walk on the particles, they get grinded against the surface, which results in wearing down. If left unchecked, sections of the finish can get so worn out that the underlying wood is exposed, leading to danger to its structural integrity. When it comes to foot traffic, the kind of shoes that are worn also factors in. Take for instance high heels. A lady in those dashing stilettos is no doubt exquisite. However, her entire weight is applied onto the floor through the limited surface area that the heel is in contact with. The resultant force is multiplied, putting a strain of the flooring. Add to this aspects such as kids with their toy car races, plus the train tracks that are laid on the ground for them to play with. These end up causing scratches on the surface. Your furry friend also poses risk to the floor. As cars and dogs run around, they need traction in order to maintain grip on the surface and not topple over. They achieve this by pulling out their sharp claws and digging into the surface. As such, your pet, the additional member of the family and loved by everyone in the household, becomes a threat to your expensive wood floor installation. Occasional spills that are not cleaned up the moment they are formed, whether it’s food and beverage spills or ink blots and urine stains from your pet, end up leaving unsightly stains on the surface. Without adequate surface protection, these can proceed to seep into the underlying wood, and it will then take loads of more effort and resources to get rid of them. Water damage is also a concern, as you don’t want those accidental spills disturbing the moisture balance between the wood floor and its surrounding, resulting in issues such as warping an cupping. The sun, shining into your home and lighting up the interior, also causes fading or darkening of the wood. The specific effect depends on the actual type of the wood species- just as some people tan and others develop sunburns on prolonged exposure to sunlight. The difference can be easily observed when sections of the wood floor out in the open are compared to those that are hidden, such as under furniture. Revitalising the finish on the surface of the wood floor will enable you to preserve its strength and durability, and see it last through the years. That requires the existing worn out layers to be removed and fresh new coats of protection applied. Calling the domestic floor sanding and restoration experts will enable you get that done to quality standards.
5. Affordable
Bringing back the elegance to your home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With our affordable domestic floor sanding prices, you won’t have to worry about that. The pricing structure has been designed to take into account your unique situation. Issues like the size of the floor being worked on, the type of installation since different kinds of wood may require specific tools or processes, the condition of the existing finishing or coating, and accessibility, are factored into the pricing.



Floor Sanding Dublin

What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

The Commercial Floor Sanding Team You Can Rely On

Hardwood floors are a superb addition to any commercial space. The extensive choice of species, colours and finishes allows you to create a warm and inviting interior in office buildings, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, auditoriums, nursing homes, and art galleries, all through to museums and libraries. Whether you want the strong grained Red or White Oak, Maple that’s slightly harder and has light graining for a sleeker look, Rosewood with its distinctive dark brown to violet colouration and black streaks or striping, Hickory that’s so tough that it was once used for wagon wheels in the days of yore, Cumaru which ranges from tannish to deep brown, Bamboo that’s technically a grass, but whose hardness and eco-friendly nature has seen its popularity rise over the years, and Tigerwood with its mottled, wavy or interlocked and irregular grain plus fine texture, or even the Brazilian Cherry with its red colouration that darkens and depends with age, Walnut that comes with smooth graining and brown tones, Heart Pine with its character and knots and is usually installed in wide planks for a rustic look, there are styles to meet diverse décor needs. Wood flooring can be installed over concrete and most subfloors, and works with virtually any grade level. There are also the acoustic benefits. You don’t want to keep hearing the footsteps of the people walking around the premises, rushing in corridors and up and down staircases. You also don’t want the sound from the floors above permeating through to those below, for those in multi-story buildings. The absorbent nature of the wood floor enables it to reduce sound reverberation, reducing noise in the working place and allowing clients and employees to focus on their tasks. The wood is also a highly efficient insulator. It reduces heat loss from the building, which means huge savings when it comes to the energy costs spent to heat up the building’s interior. Wood flooring is particularly suitable for commercial environments because of its durability. With the high level of foot traffic, as a property owner you want to have a structure that does not start crumbling down just a few months after installation. Wood is naturally strong, which enables it to bear the load that is witnessed on the premises- however, it needs to be properly maintained for this to be fully realised. Speaking of which, with wood, repair doesn’t mean that you have to rip out the floorboards and get a new structure. When the surface beings to show signs of wear, or when you simply want to change things and have a new surface treatment with different colouration and gloss level installed, all you need is to have it sanded down and refinished. When the time comes to give your installation a fresh new look, call in our commercial floor sanding and refinishing specialists.
Value Of Using Professional Commercial Floor Sanding And Restoration Services
1. Industrial-grade equipment
Floor finishes are designed to be tough. They’ll be handling loads of abuse on a daily basis, hence their formulations are intended to dry to form strong layers on the surface of the floor. As such, breaking them down to get to the bare wood underneath requires lots of power. Doing it in a fast and timely manner requires machinery that is modernised and well maintained. You also don’t want poorly tuned systems that end up forming chatter marks all over your flooring, causing damage to your investment. With our commercial floor sanding services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Drum marks, scratches, divots and other aspects that are a common feature of the DIY floor sanding processes won’t be a concern. Our crew come on site with highly powered machinery that is designed to deliver on its mandate. The sanders used are top-of-the-range, and easily grind through the multiple layers of finish that are on the floor, exposing the underlying wood. Whether it’s those worn out coats that you want replaced, or you simply want to change things up by installing a whole new finish with different aesthetic attributes, the commercial floor sanding systems used by our personnel get rid of the existing treatment, allowing you to have that fresh start you need. Since it’s the first stage of the floor restoration process, it’s crucial that things go right with the sanding. Any error becomes a glaring anomaly once the finish coats are applied. From the scratches, that come screaming through the finish, to the dips that make walking uncomfortable, the end result ends up being greatly affected. By turning to our professional team, you get to avoid such blunders that come with DIY or rookie commercial floor sanding. What’s more, our expert team fixes existent surface problems. For instance, those gaps that are formed- whether it’s by changes that became permanent after numerous temperature and humidity fluctuations, furniture that was being moved by dragging instead of being lifted, and ended up digging a groove into the floor, or even those cases when one attempts a DIY project and ended up ruining the finish. The issues are resolved, allowing you to get the most out of your flooring. Gaps are filled with filler product being mixed with sanding dust, allowing it to have the same properties, such as the colouration, with the adjacent boards. Scratches are sanded off, and the surface is left smooth and ready to receive the new treatment. With the pores having been opened up, the wood stains and sealants get to be properly absorbed, and the uniform surface allows for even application of varnishes, top coats and other treatments. The enhanced bonding power increases the strength of the finish.
2. Dustless process
You don’t want your business premises being covered in the sanding dust that is generated during the process. Not only does this make the persons on the premises uncomfortable, but it also leaves you with an intensive cleaning to do. You don’t want the items in your building, from the cabinets and lighting fixtures, to the furniture, workstations, draperies and upholstery, plus the windowsills getting covered in the dust. Your activities are already on the clock, and the last thing you want being added onto your plate is hours of intensive cleaning. Powerful suction delivered from vacuums attached to the sanders through hoses gets rid of the particles-both coarse and fine- the moment they are chipped off from the floor. This is more than just a timely convenience. When the dust gets into systems such as the sinks and drainage, or the HVAC units in the building, it can lead to blockage or structural damage. By utilising dustless commercial floor sanding systems, our team enables you to avoid such a scenario. The dust is also a threat when inhaled. For starters, its very nature makes it an allergen. It irritates the respiratory tract when inhaled. Coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes are just a tip of the iceberg. Remember that the sanding dust is not just composed of those tiny bits of wood that are getting grinded off the surface. There’s there finish products themselves. The chemicals used in the formulations are safe while dried onto the floor- after all, that’s where they are intended to be. However, when inhaled, they can lead to a variety of effects. Some are carcinogens, and others are outright toxins. There are also those particles that are so fine that they end up getting absorbed through body systems- like from the respiratory and digestive tract right into the bloodstream, leading to an assortment of complications. Light particles can remain suspended into the air for long and be wafted around by air currents, increasing the chances of being inhaled. You don’t want to expose the customers and employees in your business premises to such danger. Investing in commercial floor sanding with dustless systems enables you to avoid it.
3. Strengthen the floor
In business premises, foot traffic is a huge factor. There can be hundreds of people walking up and about every day. Coming from the outdoors, they are bringing in dirt and debris, from the soiling that’s picked up from the sidewalks and parks, to the asphalt from out on the driveway and parking lots. This grit can wear down the surface, eating away at its finish, reducing the lifespan of the wood. What’s more, while at home people may take off their shoes and wear slippers or different kinds of softer footwear, people in commercial establishments will keep them on. This means that the rate of soiling increases dramatically, and one also has to factor in the kind of shoes that are being worn. Issues like metal heels and spikes shoes can cause scratches. Those with rubber soles are notorious for leaving behind unsightly marks. Speaking of heels, people on stilettos exert huge loads of strain on the surface. All that body weight getting applied on the floor through a tiny section of the heel multiplies the pressure, thus affecting the flooring. From office buildings, entertainment centres such as art galleries, to the heart of the dance floor in clubs, foot traffic causes wear and tear. In addition, there people will occasionally be snacking, whether it’s as they walk about in the hallways, wait to be served at the reception area, or it’s your employees taking their coffee break at the employee lounge. In food service joints such as hotels and restaurants, this is an around-the-clock concern. With the spills, there both issues of stains and risk of water damage due to increase in moisture content, in addition to the already existent humidity fluctuations in the interior space. Ensuring that your floor is protected from these aspects is vital to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its life. That is possible with professional commercial floor sanding and refinishing services.
4. Enhance the aesthetic appeal
Once clients, suppliers, potential partners and business associates walk into your business premises, one of the first things to get noticed is the flooring. While they may not take time to scrutinise the colouration and grain patterns, whey will definitely note how it looks and feels, and whether it appears properly maintained and cared for. You don’t want them being greeted by a dull, scuffed and damaged surface, that reflects negatively on your business’ image. In fact, with the flooring setting the tone for the rest of the style and décor of the interior space, it can build it up or bring it crashing down. You want to be able to impress your customers, not have them doubting the quality of products and services you offer- which they will once they find the flooring in a dilapidated state. From office buildings and restaurants, to recreational facilities like gyms, and entertainment centres such as art galleries, image goes a long way- especially when you want to make a great first impression in order to win repeated business and customer loyalty. With our commercial floor sanding and restoration services, you will be able to take away that forlorn look and replace it with the elegance and sophistication that wood flooring is renowned for. That way you get to enhance the ambience of the interior space, charming your way into the hearts of your customers. What’s more, it sets a conducive working atmosphere. The dull and worn out flooring impacts creativity, and reduces employee morale. The floor sanding and refinishing has the opposite effect, showing your employees that you care about the conditions that they carry out their duties in, and setting a warm and calming ambience that gets their creative juices flowing, thus enhancing their productivity. This has a positive impact on your business growth.
5. Cost friendly
You want to bring back the elegance to your establishment without punching a hole through your balance sheet. Our commercial floor sanding services have been affordably priced. The cost itself takes into account factors that are unique to your establishment- such as the size of the floor space, the type of wood installation, plus the existing condition of the floor. That way you get to align your floor care with the rest of the building’s maintenance program without straining your business budget.


What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Value Of Dustless Floor Sanding

With wood floors, it’s all about the style and glamour. So elegant are the installations that the demand for wood as a flooring product has seen its popularity increase dramatically all around the world. That luxurious look and feel is not just a preserve of the who’s who in society anymore. Reduced costs of production, and the wide array of options available, means that there is an installation for different budgets and décor needs. This is from the wood species themselves- Mahogany, White Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut, Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru, Maple, Hickory, Sapele, Walnut, Pine, Douglas Fir, Birch, Ash, Tigerwood, Kempas, Rosewood and Teak, to the surface treatment and finish products available that enable you to achieve different colourations and gloss levels. What’s more, the wood floors never go out of style. Decades later, they will still be trendy. Since they blend with different styles, you can decide to change up your furnishings, and wall painting later on and not have to worry about it clashing with the floor. In domestic and commercial establishments alike, wood flooring has seen the surge in real estate value, with persons rushing for property that has it installed. In fact, this makes it a worthwhile investment in case you’re planning to put the house out on the market later on in life, or you’re a realtor with several projects in the pipeline and you want to make lucrative returns from your venture. Why the craze for wood floors? First is the undeniable beauty that they bring to the interior space. They enhance the décor, with the colourations, grain patterns, swirl marks, and warm look and feel setting different tones depending on the desire of the property owner. Then there’s the acoustics. Wood has superb sound absorption abilities. That’s why it’s used in establishments like dance studios and music halls. Its structure reduces sound reverberation, cutting down on noise levels. When properly installed, you won’t even have to worry about echoes. The warmth that they provide is not only visual, but also literal. As an insulator, wood prevents heat loss, which is welcome news to your monthly energy bills. It’s also easy to clean. Quick vacuuming and mopping will get rid of the dirt and grime that winds up on it, as you won’t have to worry about issues like grout lines, fibres, or electrostatic charges holding onto the particles. This is also beneficial when it comes to maintaining the quality of the indoor air. Then there’s the strength of the wood. It’s highly durable, a feature that makes it a top option for high traffic establishments. Wood can take on heavy use and still retain its structural integrity. However, this will only be the case when it is properly maintained. This includes everything from the cleaning to the finishing of the surface. When the existing layers of surface treatment begin wearing down, and the surface continues to be dull even after thorough cleaning, or you simply a fresh new look with different colouration and gloss for your installation, then it’s time to bringing in the specialist dustless floor sanding team.
Benefits Of Dustless Floor Sanding Done Professionally
1. State-of-the-art equipment
Our crew uses industrial-grade machinery when working on your dustless floor sanding project. The high powered gear easily breaks through multiple layers of tough floor finish products that had been applied. The surface gets smoothened, scratches removed, and gaps filled. Since the process opens up the pores of the wood, the surface treatments that are applied are able to form stronger bonds with the structure, which increases its durability and wear resistance attributes. The high efficiency of the machinery, in addition to the capacity they have, enables the process to take a fraction of the time that would have been consumed going the DIY route or using a rookie contractor. Huge floor areas are covered fast, without compromising on the quality that is expected. Issues like chatter marks, drum marks, divots and even dips are avoided. The well-maintained gear ensures that the underlying wood floor is not at risk throughout the process, thus protecting your investment. The smooth surface that results makes subsequent application of uniform coats of finish products easier, which enhances the quality of the results.
2. Dustless process
The dust from sanding processes comes with loads of risks. It’s a mixture of wood particles plus the finish that is being removed from the surface. This is a cocktail of allergens, carcinogens and toxins. You don’t want those fine particles hanging in the air, waiting to be inhaled. They will result in a myriad of health complications for persons in the residential or commercial establishment. You want to restore the glamour and strength to your floor, not land your family members in hospital, or deal with health complaints from the clients and employees in your business premises. Then there’s the issue of the cleaning that will be needed to be carried out once the furnishings, artwork, electrical appliances, cabinets, and other surfaces around the establishment are covered in dust. That extends the length of the restoration project, increasing the amount of time that the floor remains out of commission, affecting your daily activities. There’s also the actual labour that will be needed to get the place all cleaned up. Why endure all this? Simply bring in our professionals, who use dustless floor sanding systems, which walk the talk. As sanders grind down the treatments, the dust particles generated are picked up by suction delivered by vacuum systems, which are attached to the sanders through a series of hoses. The dust is directed to collection units, that way you won’t have to worry about it filling up the interior space, covering your items and exposing the persons on the premises to health risks. This further speeds up the operations, allowing normalcy to resume in your establishment in moments.
3. Protect your floor
It’s under attack around the clock. Foot traffic, mounds of dirt collecting on its surface, pets claws, all through to the sun’s radiation all pose a risk to floors in commercial and residential establishments alike. All those people trooping around the premises grind the dirt particles against the floor, causing the finish to wear down over time. That’s why those frequented areas, from hallways to reception areas in business premises, and the family room at home, end up developing traffic lanes. Areas such as the attendant’s desk in retail stores and malls, public libraries and those in educational institutions, the laundry room in apartment blocks, cafeteria, all through to the halls of residence in campuses quickly get sections of the floor that have their colour faded compared to the adjacent floor boards. That’s mainly because of the foot traffic. Motorised carts, luggage bags with wheels, furniture that gets dragged instead of being lifted as it’s moved across the room, plus those incidences when the furniture, electrical appliances like refrigerators, and other heavy items are put in place before the new finish coats have dried and cured, all end up damaging the floor. Scratches and scuffs are common. High heeled shoes straining the floor, footwear with metal parts and even those rubber soled ones that leave marks on the surface cause it to be unsightly. As your furry friend plays around the house, those claws that are drawn out easily scratch the floor, ruining its elegance. The same case applied to kids with their toy cars as they do their drag races on the flooring. Then there’s the issue of food and drink spills. Whether its coffee at the breakfast table at home, or in the employee lounge at work, wine and beer spills during those parties that get out of hand, some mustard in the kitchen, ink blots from the working areas at the office, urine stains and vomit accidents, or simply some food falling over the dinner table at home or as clients enjoy their meals at your restaurant- they all pose different levels of risk to the wood floor- especially if they are not cleaned up fast enough. You don’t want to get into a panic attack each time there’s a spill. There should be a firm barrier preventing it from getting to the wood. The main goal of dustless floor sanding is to give your installation a fresh start, so that the preferred finish products can be applied onto its surface. These enhance the floor’s protection, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear effects of everyday life, and prevent issues like spills from causing permanent stains and even water damage. With the smooth finish that results, dirt spots are also easier to notice, allowing for quick cleaning, thus making maintenance a breeze.
4. Bring back the beauty to the premises
You don’t want to live or work in a dilapidated environment. At home, dull, scratches and worn out floors ruin the mood of the interior space. This has a negative impact in how you carry out your activities. Concentrating becomes difficult when you’re being distracted by the poor state of the floor. Even your hosting abilities get affected. How will you keep justifying the conditions of your home to the friends dropping by to say hi? What of the ever-critical in-laws? You’ll have a difficult time convincing that dashing date you’ve invited over of your admirable traits when the floor is reflecting poorly on your personality. For those in the property market, image is everything. You want tenants and buyers interested in the establishment to take a liking of it, which won’t be the case when what greets them the moment they walk into the premises is a floor that’s worse for wear. It makes them question the structural integrity of the rest of the property, which puts a dent in your market efforts and eventual sales. Things can be preventing from going down this route by using professional and dustless floor sanding and refinishing services, that will bring back the glamour to your establishment. For commercial premises, sprucing up the interior goes a long way in increasing your customers’ confidence in your brand. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they will notice the state of the floor while they are on the premises, and it will have a bearing on how much they will trust the products and services that you’re offering them. Your employees too want to work in an environment that enhances their creativity and boosts their productivity. The sanding and refinishing of the floor makes that a reality, showing your staff that you are concerned about their working space, thus promoting your business’ growth.
5. Professional crew
Our team has been taken through intensive training, and have had years of experience in the floor care industry. This means that you can trust them to apply the most appropriate measures when dealing with your installation. They are punctual and cordial, arriving at your premises at the stipulated time thus allowing you to plan accurately, and addressing you courteously all through. They will treat your property with the respect and care it deserves- in fact, as if it were their own. Our dustless floor sanding crew will also note aspects in your establishment that are impacting on the installation, and bring this to your attention so that you can arrange to have the issues resolved, hence preventing losses down the road. They will also offer you tips on measures you can put in place in your premises to ensure the longevity of your flooring. What’s more, our services are fully insured, covering our crew and equipment, plus your property in case of any eventuality. This is further testament of the level of professionalism that we employ in our business.
6. Budget friendly
Every situation is unique. Floor care is not a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, our dustless floor sanding prices consider aspects that are unique to your particular project. This includes the total square footage of the area being attended to, and the condition of the floor, as it affects the amount of prep work needed. Even the type of finish is considered. For instance, sanding floorboards with a stain finish is different compared to one with a glossy finish. There are no hidden charges to worry about. You’ll know the full cost beforehand.


Floor Sanding Dublin

Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


There are a few things you need to know before hiring floor sanding equipment. In most cases the machines for hire are old, de-calibrated and past their usage period. You may be able to achieve great results but it will involve A LOT more effort than necessary i.e. with old, out-dated machines you will have to work much harder than needed.


Most of the floor sanding machines from hire centres are old and overused. These machines can be very de-calibrated and as a result can streak your floors. Many untrained people are using the same machines and a lot of the time they are using them wrong. You cannot afford mistakes on your floor.


We have hired many professional floor sanding machines from hire centres and in 80% of the cases the machines were ok. But in 20% of the cases we have hired badly de-calibrated floor sanders that were not fit for their purpose. If you are not an expert in floor sanding and you end up with one of these floor sanding machines you will always believe that you did something wrong but in fact you didn`t.


Here are few tips when you are hiring a floor sanding machine:


a.            Ask for a report of the machines service history – if is over 30 days old, don`t hire it

b.            Order floor sanding sheets online (you will save a lot of money)

c.             Henry Hoover bags fit most edge sanders and cost 9 euro for 10 bags!

d.            Inspect the machine before you hire it, don`t just trust the company


From our reports, about 50% of DIY floor sanding projects end up bad with floors needing professional repair work afterwards. The floor can look ok but not as it should, the work can take much longer than needed and believe it or not, floor sanding is very hard and time consuming. We would recommend that you hire a professional floor sanding company and have your floors finished properly. You can take care of painting, window cleaning and other house DIY jobs. Floor sanding is a trade for professionals only.


Add up all your hire costs, sandpaper, the varnish, the diesel/petrol you need to drive to the hire centre, your time off, plus all the dust and see if it is worth it. A floor sanding company will charge you more or less the same!


Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine In Dublin


Can You Sand And Refinish Your Floor with An Orbital Sander?


Can You Sand and Refinish Your Floor with an Orbital Sander?


Using a powerful belt sander or a drum sander can be pretty risky. Beside the fact that one of these professional floor sanding machines weighs up to 90 kg, it can also create a lot of damage in the hands of untrained people. This is the reason while many people are looking into using much safer orbital sanders. An orbital sander is easier to use, lighter and the risk of damaging the wood floor is pretty low. But does an orbital floor sander work?


Yes and no. Most of the online chat rooms or highly regarded floor sanding blogs are totally against orbital sanders. We agree with some and disagree with others. We believe that an orbital floor sanding machine can provide outstanding results on a flat floor surface. If the floor is in average condition and it only requires a light sanding, an orbital floor sander will do the job just fine.


A floor with heavy duty coatings or full of glue and paint cannot be refinished with an orbital floor sander. The orbital floor sanding machine does not have the necessary weight to put enough pressure on the floor to be able to remove oil paints and glues.


Uneven floors cannot be sanded with orbital floor sanders. Painted floors cannot be sanded with orbital floor sanding systems. Big commercial floors cannot be sanded with orbital sanders.


The orbital sanding system can only be used to sand soft wood floors which are in need of a light refreshing. Most floor sanding companies use orbital floor sanding machines for fine sanding. After finishing with 100 grit belts, they use the orbital floor sander with 120, 150 and 180 grit sandpaper.


Of course, if you really want, you can use the orbital floor sander to refinish any hardwood floor. You will work much harder than needed for much longer than needed. It is like trying to fill up a bath tub with a teaspoon. You will eventually succeed but it won`t be an easy job. You need at least 60 kg worth of pressure on the sandpaper to achieve good results. Most of the orbital floor sanders weight about half that.


Professional orbital floor sanders are fitted with dust extraction systems but the DIY orbital floor sanders from the hire centres are not fitted with such dust collection system. Imagine the worst sand dust storm in Sahara because your home will be worse. The orbital floor sander will spin at 200 rpm and will generate tiny dust particles that will fill your home with dust.


Can You Sand And Refinish Your Floor With an Orbital Sander?

Floor Sanding – Know The Basics

Floor Sanding – Know The Basics


Anyone can start a floor sanding project but not anyone can properly finish a floor sanding project. For a professional floor sanding specialist to reach that high level of smoothness on your floors he had to do an advanced training course and then work as a trainee for a few years. But many people seem to think that it must be pretty easy so why not do it yourself for cheaper?


To be able to start a floor sanding project you will need some basic tools. You can hire the floor sanding equipment from your local hire centre. Here is the list of the tools required:


a.            Floor Sander – belt or drum

b.            Floor Edger

c.             Sandpaper belts or sheets starting from 36 grit up to 120 grit

d.            Sanding discs starting from 24 grit to 120 grit

e.            Vacuum

f.              Dust mask

g.            Gloves

h.            Brush & Tray

i.              Roller & Handle

j.              Masking Tape

k.             Small Sander

l.              Hammer & Hand Saw


Assess the job. Find all the nails and hammer them down. Repair any imperfections. Prepare the room for the first sanding.


The first sanding can make or break the floor. If the floor is very uneven or if there is paint on the floor or carpet glue, it would be a good idea to start the floor sanding operation with 0.24 grit sandpaper. You cannot start with 0.24 grit sandpaper and then move to 0.60 grit sandpaper because the scratches created by the 24 grit sandpaper have to be removed in stages. You start with 0.24, then 0.36, then 0.40, then 0.60, then 0.80, then 100 grit. Otherwise, the scratches created by the first sanding will be visible after you apply the first coat of varnish.


If the floor looks ok, start with 0.60 grit sandpaper and follow the process up to 100 grit. There is no magic remedy, you will have to take your time. Floor sanding is a slow process and the more time you spend doing it now the better the finished result.


After you have sanded the whole room, you will need to use the edger. The edger is designed to remove all the imperfections from around the skirting board area and any areas where the big sander does not fit. Take your time and use your common sense. Spend the same amount of time on all areas.


After you are done with 100 grit, you will have to start the fine sanding. At this stage, you need to assess the floor and if there are issues or gaps, this is the time when you fill them in. Sand the floor one more time with fine 120 grit sandpaper and save all the dust. In a bucket or tray, mix the sand from the sand bag with a gap filler. You can buy professional solvent gap fillers from Junckers and Bona. Junckers Prefill, Junckers Basefill or Bona Mix & Fill are three of the most popular gap fillers. Mix 1 L of gap filler with some of the dust until the mix looks like a thick cream. With a wide scraper, fill up all the small gaps 0 to 0.5 mm. Take a 1 hour break until the gap filler dries. 1 hour later sand the whole floor again with 150 grit sandpaper. If you have done it right, all the gaps should be filled and it should look like one flat surface. Job done. Prepare for finishing.


Vacuum the whole floor a couple of times and inspect the floor. If you are happy with the finish, you can apply the first coat of primer. Use a small brush and start with the areas around the skirting board and all the narrow areas. The open spaces you can prime with a roller (any short hair roller). The most popular floor primers:


Junckers Prelak Clear Floor Primer

Junckers Prelak White Floor primer

Bona Classic Floor Primer


A primer is not a varnish. The primers job is to even up all the imperfections on the floor and to create a flat base for the varnish. A quality water based floor primer will seal all the pores and it will not allow the wood to absorb more varnish than needed. A primed floor will dry faster.


It should take around 1 hour for the floor to dry after priming. One more sanding is required if you are looking for a perfect smooth surface. After the primer has dried, most of the tiny spikes that were left after the last floor sanding operation, will have gotten hard and it will make the floor feel rough. A quick re-sanding with 150 to 180 grit sandpaper, will remove all these spikes and will leave the floor perfectly smooth and ready for varnishing.


Apply the first coat of varnish from north to south. Apply very thin coats. Allow up to 2 hours to dry and then apply the second coat of varnish. Job done. It sounds complicated but if you follow the process, the results will amaze you.


Avoid solvent based floor varnishes. Solvent based floor varnishes stink and takes many hours to dry. There are quality water based floor varnishes available that do the same job, look better and are odour free. Use two pack water based floor varnishes to enhance the protection.


Staining & repairing wood floors is a bit more complicated and you should only start these jobs if you are very handy at DIY jobs.


Floor Sanding Dublin


Dustless Floor Sanding – What is dustless floor sanding?

Dustless Floor Sanding – What is dustless floor sanding?


When sanding a floor or any type of wood surface you will generate dust. A small sander will generate a fair amount of dust after only a few seconds of use. Imagine what a 50 kg floor sander can do in a few seconds! Your home will be covered in inches of dust.


The difference between normal floor sanding and dustless floor sanding is the capability of a particular type of sander to collect dust. Some professional floor sanding machines can collect up to 99% of the dust created through a system of dust bags or special vacuum systems.


So why do some contractors still use non dustless floor sanding equipment? Because they can`t afford dustless floor sanding equipment. A professional floor sanding machine like Lagler Hummel or Bona Belt HD costs over 6000 euro. A standard, cheaper non-dustless floor sander costs only a few hundred euro.


A bit of dust is not particularly dangerous and has never fatally harmed anyone but the fine dust generated when sanding floors with fine grit sandpaper will settle everywhere and it can be a nightmare to remove. You will find dust inside your tv, around the top of your doors, attached to the walls and in any possible crack around your home. You will find dust for years after the floor was completed.


If you love your home or your office, hire floor sanding contractors who use only dustless floor sanding technology. Ask for all the relevant information and think practically with your head not your heart.


Dustless Floor Sanding

Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


If your floor has lost its impressive shine and is looking water damaged and dull you will need the services of a professional floor sanding company. You may want the job done quickly to be done with it. But don’t jump in head first, take your time to consider a few things to make sure you find the best floor sanding company for the job.


A good floor sanding company is likely to have been in business for generations, right?. There are floor sanding businesses in their third generation. Just because they are in business for 50 years does not mean that they are amazing at what they do. In many cases, older floor sanding companies are overpriced and they use outdated floor sanding techniques and products.


Then there are new floor sanding companies without the family name and background behind them. Again, just because a floor sanding company is not in business for 50 years, it does not make them good or bad. The last 3 projects done are the most important. What their father or grandfather did is not relevant.


Here are few tips how to pick a great floor sanding contractor:


a.            References – you may see a lot of good references on online forums from Miss x and Mister Y? All fake. Very few people will specifically go to a review website to create an account and write a glowing review about a floor sanding company or any company. People usually only write reviews to complain when they have received a bad service and are unhappy. Most people expect good quality work from a professional floor sanding company and they will not review standard work. A floor sanding contractor should have verifiable references on its website from existing business with addresses, contact details and pictures of the project. But only commercial work. Few, if any, domestic customers would be happy to have their personal details on public view on a website so do not expect to see contact details for private customers and treat any such details with suspicion. Would you like your home address and your mobile phone number listed on a high traffic website? Imagine 50 people calling you daily to recommend a floor sanding company. So, most internet reviews are fake. If you are seeking recommendations on forums ask for private messages only as you are more likely to receive good advice rather than fake reviews from advertisers.

b.            Free estimates – there are many floor sanding companies that charge 20 to 40 euro for an estimate. There are no such things as free things in life and you will pay for the “free estimate” in one way or another. Most floor sanding contractors will charge 10% to cover the costs of “free” estimates. If you contact a floor sanding contractor to ask for an estimate, you should only pay for the estimate if you accept the quote.

c.             Insurance – insurance is a must. Your floors can be easily damaged and replacing them can be very expensive and time consuming. Things can always go wrong so you need to hire a fully insured floor sanding contractor.

d.            Sample tests – any decent floor sanding contractor will do a few samples of finishes on your own floor. There are ultra matt, satin and gloss floor finishes and you will want to see how they will look on your own floor before deciding on the finish you want. You will have to live with your floors for many years so you need to pick the right finish. Bear in mind that a wood stain that looks grey on X floor could look brown on your floor. Ask for a sample test on your own floor.


You should keep all these things in mind before choosing a floor sanding contractor. Ask for insurance, free estimates, genuine references and test samples on your floor. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations.


Recommend A Great Floor Sanding Contractor

Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes

Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes


A domestic floor finish is a good quality floor finish designed to last for a few years on a standard house or apartment floor. Most domestic floor finishes are 1 pack – a varnish or hardwax without hardener. A commercial floor finish is a two pack (usually) floor finish with hardener. The varnish itself comes in 4.5 L + 1 bottle of 500 ml hardener. When the varnish is mixed with the hardener, the mixed content becomes very hard and much more durable than domestic varnishes.


The difference in price between domestic and commercial floor varnishes can be very high. In most cases it is around 100%. Most brands of floor finishes offer domestic single pack floor finishes and commercial two pack floor finishes. The quality, durability and drying times differ between domestic and commercial finishes, the commercial floor finishes are much better as they are designed to withstand heavy traffic.


Why opt for a domestic floor finish? Well, we cannot offer a definite answer. We highly recommend high traffic floor finishes to all our customers, both domestic and commercial. In fairness, you will pay a bit extra for a two pack floor finish but you will benefit from a higher quality, longer lasting finish getting years of extra traffic, you will not have to pay to have your floors re-sanded for at least 10 years.


The truth is that most floor sanding companies do not explain the difference between the two options to their customers or will charge you for a two pack finish when a cheaper product is used. Most people think that the only difference between a domestic water based floor varnish and a high traffic commercial two pack floor varnish is the price.


Let`s say that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of daily traffic. A domestic floor varnish like Junckers Strong Plus or Bona Mega will offer superb protection for about 5 years. To varnish your living room you will need to use around 5 L of varnish and 5 L of primer, approximately 120 euro worth of products.


Let`s say again that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of traffic. A commercial two pack floor varnish like Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer or Bona Traffic HP Floor Varnish will offer around 10 years of protection. For a living room floor you will need 5L of primer & 5L of varnish. You will have to spend around 200 euro.


Can you notice the difference? If you spend 100 euro extra when having the floors done you will get 5 years extra durability on the finish. It is well worth it. We advise our customers to pay a small bit extra to use a two pack finish and save money in the long run.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer has added protection against chemicals. For a domestic customer, this is great news. Unlike a shop, a pub or a school, you don`t have the finances to buy floor buffers and special wood floor cleaners. You are likely to mop your floors (not recommended) with universal floor cleaning products. Most other brands of floor varnishes are not suitable for wet washing with acidic chemicals, but Junckers HP Commercial Floor Varnish is different. The varnish won`t dull up and won`t look tired after washing with acidic chemicals.


Ask your floor sanding contractor for advice. Ask about the best options and the most durable floor finishes. Reduce the time between floor sandings by 100% with very little cost. It will be well worth it.


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How Often Should I Refinish My Wood Floor?


How Often Should I Sand My Floors?


Permanent floor finishes have not yet been invented so you will have to refinish your floors regularly. Regularly can mean different things for different people. A commercial floor with a lot of traffic will have to be refinished much more often than a domestic floor with normal domestic traffic.


Even if the wood floor is not subjected to a lot of traffic, the finish on the floor will change colour and look a bit tired after few years. There are a few factors which can make your wooden floors look more worn out and jaded than they should be.


a.            Wrong cleaning products

b.            A lot of direct sunlight

c.             A lot of heavy traffic

d.            Too much water

e.            Pets


  1. Wrong Cleaning Products – using a high PH (acidic) floor cleaner can permanently damage the shine of your floors and can make a brand new floor look old. Bleach based floor cleaners can have the same dulling effect.
  2. A lot of sunlight – direct exposure to the sunlight will change the colour of your floors in a matter of days. Having a rug on the floor will also stain your floor in a funny way. The floor will brighten up in the area left uncovered and it will stay unchanged in the area under the rug.
  3. A lot of heavy traffic – a wood floor will look perfect after being refinished. It will be fully protected and ready for use. But any type of floor finish, one pack or two packs has a limited life expectancy. If you have a few hundred or thousand people walking on the wood floor daily it will reduce the periods between floor refinishing. The traffic will bring a lot of negative things to your floors. First the friction itself will wear off your floor. Then the dirt from shoes will attack the finish on your floors. Plus more cleaning and maintenance will be required.
  4. Too much water – entrance hallway floors which are used by people walking in and out of a property will damage quicker. All the water from the rain will be brought onto your floors. It is just a matter of time before the floor finish cracks and water saturation damage appears. Also, mopping the floor with too much water is one of the main reasons for wood damage.
  5. Pets – dogs are wood floors number 1 enemy. Especially small, energetic dogs. A pet is likely to be full of energy and most pets have sharp nails even if most pet owners keep the pet nails short. Excited pets will run and sleep on wood floor. All this energetic fun will scratch the finish of the floor and will create spaces for water to penetrate the floor. Watermarks will appear and the floor will look stained.


Here are some of the most common reasons why a floor needs to be refinished. There are high traffic water based floor varnishes that are designed to take a lot of use and abuse but all will eventually wear off. A floor sanding company needs to be contacted once in a while (every 3 years) to assess the wood floor. Even if the floor looks clean, a trained eye will be able to see imperfections and issues, if there are any issues.


Wood floors have to be refinished regularly. Waxed wood floors should be refreshed every 6 months. Refreshing a waxed floor is a pretty easy operation and no training is required. Floors that are finished with a varnish can also be refreshed or sealed with a water based wood floor polish. Solid wood floors are designed to last for a lifetime if properly maintained.


Have a look under the heaters, around the kitchen area, at door entrances etc. to see if you notice black spots on your floors. Black spots are a sign of water damage and you need to act fast to sort it out and prevent further damage. There are many floor sanding companies in Dublin that would love to help you out. Bear in mind, it is cheaper to prevent than repair.


*** most floors have to be refinished every 5 years. If there is a lot of traffic, the periods between floor refinishing is reducing by 50%***

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